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     My name is Kahlyn Keilty-Lucas and though I have had my hand in building projects from a young age and no matter where life has led me- I am always looking to repurpose materials of the past into quality and effective pieces for the now. 


      A Blessing and a curse- creating, building, remodeling and refurbishing is something I grew up doing. Alongside our landscape & hardscape installations, we often find ways to incorporate a custom bench, arbor, garden box, gate, shed or even pergola


         I'll always try to repurpose salvaged materials as much as possible, new building materials salvaged from construction sites or even aged materials salvaged from tear downs. Doing so we save waste from sitting in landfills as well as reduce material costs. Thus keeping projects that more accessible!

If an element like this is something you would like to consider, please let us know! 

Craftsman Styled Garden Shed and Gate

A custom solution was found for storage needs and privacy

    St. Paul, Fall 2022


Salvaged Cedar custom fence

I repurposed salvaged cedar fence boards and came up with this orginal fence and gate solution for a south mpls back yard. Oh yeah- thats my custom sauna behind. (Interested? I build those too)


Hillside fence, South Minneapolis

12th ave. Fence Fall 23
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